Historically, the turnover of Boscov's employees has been extremely low at not only the senior management level, but throughout the organization. This consistency has allowed Boscov's to utilize its own experienced people as it expanded and to selectively hire talented and experienced management for an occasional management slot when necessary.

The management team at Boscov's is supported by an active management training program which annually includes recruited college graduates and existing employees who have demonstrated management potential. These trainees are provided with a broad range of instruction and on-the-job training experience in all phases of retailing. Trainees are targeted for either assistant store manager or assistant buyer positions and subsequently advance through the Company's management positions.

  • Jim Boscov Chairman & CEO
  • Albert Boscov Chairman Emeritus (1929–2017)
  • Sam Flamholz President
  • Gary Boyer Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Stores Officer
  • Russell Diehm Executive Vice President of Finance, Acting Chief Accounting Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Jon Holmquist Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Milissa Gazda Senior Executive Vice President, Advertising
  • Karen Collins Senior Vice President of Finance & Assistant Chief Financial Officer
  • Kevin Eberhart Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Ed Elko Senior Vice President, Human Resources